About Me

Hello, my name is Sara. I am a servant of God. I believe in Jesus and the Bible and all they stand for. I consider this life on Earth a journey, one that is continuous and unknown. One of my main goals in life, aside from following the will of God, is to know all that I can about the Lord and his ways. I do this by meditating on him day and night through his word, prayer, and focused attention.

I would also like share an obvious disclaimer… I am not perfect, nor do I think I am, while at times it may seem that I think I am, trust me I am not. Most of the time, what I post, I have either gone through and grown from or I truly feel is what God is telling me to share for someone.

Additionally, I am what I call a truth seeker, by this I mean one who tries to find the core truths. I know people are fallible and so we are capable of flaws, even with the best intentions. I find this within translations of the Bible, resulting in my search for meaning of words and the original context.

Psalms 119 explains a lot about my heart’s prayer for the Lord.

Personally, I have many labels as a person, each with their own jobs. Here are just a few…mother, wife, friend, teacher.

Also I am a vessel to be used by God and anything thing I have or will ever write is thanks to God. However, there is one exception, if something is not biblically sound or flawed, that would be my fault, please forgive me. I am not perfect.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of my Creator and like Him there is just too much to write about me that would not be able to be contained on this page..


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