A Life Changing Message

Hello Friends,


Last time we spoke I mentioned that I have heard a couple of messages that completely changed my life. I shared with you one of those messages last time. Today I would like to share the other message.  You can watch it here. ( Once at the site. Click on the message button below the video player to go straight to the message.)


The pastor starts out the message with Romans 8:28(KJV)

  And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

I love this verse! I have clenched this verse in hard times, I have proclaimed this verse in good times. I even I have this verse hanging in my house.

This verse has helped me destroy the confusion the devil brings about my current circumstances.

The pastor mentions that Romans 8 starts out to what we would think is so great conquering and victory and then it takes us to a place of suffering and slaughter. Check it out. He mentions how it has a balance where is go back and forth with the two views.

I don’t know about you but when I typically think about working things for the good I try not to think about suffering and slaughter.

When I first heard this message and he said, “You are in the perfect situation to be more like Jesus” I had to take a double take but typically my thoughts go ” I am aiming for the perfect situation to be more like Jesus but I am not there yet.” Like he said I was thinking the same “I want out of my situation”.

And then the pastor went there… ” You are working with the perfect people to become more like Jesus” and I thought lol “what!? Maybe that was for someone else not me. You know maybe all except so and so.” Then he throws the example of the past and it was an ah ha moment, yeah I do recognize that!

Then he says, “Not that He has brought every situation but He is working in every situation” Think about that for a moment… “Not that He has brought every situation but He is working in every situation”

Ok, so I know the last part but the first part …”Not that He has brought every situation” ….wow. I guess I frequently forget to acknowledge that part. He will work with my mess. My friends don’t blame Him for everything that goes wrong in our lives. He is not a mean God and we are not His test subjects we are His children; He loves us.

I love how the pastor lists all the roles that in the past I have thought far from the perfect situation to grow; typically I have thought they have made it harder.

He points out the “Are we there yet” scenario that I talked about last week.

Then the pastor mentions the Story of Samson. Towards the end he mentions how Samson took  the promises of God for granted. How when Samson failed, he failed God. However, Samson’s hair began to grow back. God still works in the midst of our failure. When Samson hair grew back he did more for God than he did in the beginning.

I needed to hear that! God will work in your failure and do so much greater. Repent (change your thoughts). It’s not over because you have failed. You are not left with scraps, crumbs from God. He will work greater thing through your failure.

I can so often get stuck in a pity party of one. God I am so worthless, God I messed up do you still love me, ect. But NO stop that! God will work all…ALL… ALL ..things for the good!

Then he adds the story of Joseph and show us God works in delays.

And now do not be distressed or angry with yourselves because you sold me here, for God sent me before you to preserve life. Genesis 45:5

In your current situation friends, ‘People may have meant it for bad, the world may have meant it for bad, the enemy may have meant it for bad but God is using it for his good!’ Amen!

Then the pastor shows that Joseph is in the pit and being mistreated and he does not complain! Then the pastor continues to mention all the things that complaining is not and mentions that venting is just another name for complaining.

The pastor points out that David complained/vented in Psalms but he  complained to the Lord.

The line he says next has forever changed me. You see friends I had been complaining a lot. The pastor says, “Complaining is stuff  that we are carrying. We can only complain about stuff that we carry. And we shouldn’t be carrying any of it we should be rolling it on to the father.”

There are no words to express how deep that hit my heart. My type A personality had been taking over again, trying to do everything myself.  Like a toddler trying to deny my father’s help. Like a teenager saying I know better.

Then the pastor points out about how we feel when our children complain. And lately that seems to be all my children do, so I was very familiar. As if the Father was trying to show me this all along but I was too blind to see. To see that from the fathers perspective about me…wow.

The pastor encourages us to change our complaints to proclaiming and reminds us that “but” in our proclaiming shows how we are really feeling about our circumstances.

My friends I have watched this message probably 20 times by now. I need the reminder, I want to live in the freedom that God can carry it all. I am in the perfect situation to become more like Jesus. There is NO failure too big that God can not work it out for the good.

I pray this message may change you life as it did as it has mine.

Be blessed!



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