Easily Forgotten

Ok so the other day while I was stilling in my car before work doing my usual routine. I heard a strange noise.. only to look over and see a deer. Of course my initial reaction was fear because the deer was so close to my car I prayed… please don’t kick my car, please don’t kick my car, please don’t kick my car.

But soon the dear ran past my car through the parking lot toward the row of office buildings. Leaving me is utter amazement. You see not only was this deer that seemed to come out of no where because there was not any wooded area around where it might live.

But also because it ran through the parking lot with a decent amount of cars and down the row of office building that are mainly made of glass wall in front, in which it seem to kick every one of the windows, but no damage was done. No cars, No window, No people nothing was damaged! Nothing was hurt..

When I came into work I told everyone I had seen because I was so amazed at what had happened. But as the day went on I soon paid no thought to what I had experienced earlier instead focusing on the task at hand. Come time to go home that day I realized what I had thought was so amazing earlier that day was not remembered for much of the day because I was to focused on my job (yes I know that is what I am supposed to do at work 🙂 )

But it go me thinking… is this what we do with Jesus?

How often to we put Jesus in the back of our minds to focus on the meaningless things of this world?

I’m not sure how I feel about that… just thought I share…

I am sorry Lord

please, forgive us.

Love your Daughter,


Be blessed my friends.

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