It’s not always what you think

After I read the fabulous book I posted about a few days ago. I have really been reviewing some of my past thoughts about the story of the prodigal son/the lost son/..whatever you call it. But first I will ask you to ask yourself  a question. Answer it before you read on. . . In the Parable of the Prodigal Son who was the main character?

If you need a refresher the story can be found here.. Prodigal Son Story

Did you give an answer?


Now don’t cheat really answer it. 😉

Ok so my answer at first used to be…The prodigal son is about the prodigal son duh.. that is what the title is for that parable .I thought the main idea was that even though we may stray from the Lord, He is always wanting to welcome us back, we just need to come back to Him.

Now, lets take a brief history break here… as most of us know before Jesus and even during His time there we rules, laws order that society had especially the Jews.

One of these such societal standards was inheritance. The oldest usually got 2/3’s and the youngest would have gotten 1/3 but both would to have waited till their father died.Also forgiveness was not free it came with a price… a burnt offering, money offering, working off debt, ect.

Also as a side note, when Jesus is telling this parable he is talking to the Pharisees and tax collectors.

Ok now back to the topic at hand, after reading that book I realized that in the story each all three characters we’re the main characters. That is each person offered an important point into the story that would make it in complete if one was left out.

The prodigal son as stated earlier. The father who freely and recklessly (according to societies standards) forgave both sons. Also, the older son who did nothing wrong except get upset that the father forgave the younger brother and his portion of the inheritance was yet again being divided… and he refused to go into the feast.

We often tend to look at what we can fix when reading the Bible today, as if it is a how to manual to fix our problems.  When we think of things we can fix it is usually the negitive..the “eaiser” fix. In this story it would be  the wild younger brother.

It is much harder to try to fix or at least comprehend the brother that followed all the  “rules”  was going to have to share his rightful inheritance with his brother who had already had his portion.  I mean at some part of me  wants to say well yeah the older brother definitely got a bad deal his other brother already had his brother already got his portion of the inheritance.

But if you pull that story out of the literal reading and look at it as ….

  • Younger brother…is similar to…Sinners, back-sliders, tax collectors
  • Older brother….is similar to … the Faithful followers, the Saved, the obedient.
  • The father… is similar to … God
  • The feast …. is similar to…heaven.

Now friend reread the story, keeping in mind those details… Prodigal Son Story.

Do you notice that the father ask the Older brother to come and join them in the feast but he refuses? What do you think about this  different perspective?

Now I may talk more about this another day but if you cannot wait.. get a copy of Prodigal God by Tim Keller.. However, my point here today is why do we assume that the main idea of the story was the prodigal son? Some may say well that is because it is what it is titled… well truth be told someone added the titles later on.  Originally that was not the title. And what is the main Point of the parable…

Be blessed my friends

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