Bus Kids

So to continue with my post I had a dream… the testimony I shared ( and probably plus some… since I can write it better than saying it 😉 )

So when I was a child my best friend invited me to church. My mom had taken me to church when I was real young but I didn’t remember it and I had no real idea about what they were talking about.  So  I went to church with my friend and loved it.

The people were so loving, my Sunday school teacher took me and my sister under her wing like we were her own girls. She even took us to church on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights when we couldn’t catch the bus. She shared CD’s of various christian artists, and took us out occasionally for dinner after church so we could fellowship with other church members.

The members of the church young and old we very kind to us always ready to give us a hug or a high five, with smiles on there faces and  some with a piece of candy in their handshakes. The stories I heard in children’s church were told with such passion by the pastor’s wife it wasn’t hard to visualize them, I can still hear her telling some of them as well as some of her personal testimonies.

The songs I learned I still know today. I can still hear the church bus honking the horn as it was coming down our drive to pick us up and as it was leaving when dropping us off. I remember the teenagers that helped work the bus route, thinking they were so cool.

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