I had a dream….

Hello friends, sorry I haven’t been on here for a while you should know by now the same excuses… God, life, work, children, and much more time seems to be not on my side to post. So pardon me if this is very long and certainly very disorganized but I thought I would share a collaboration of thoughts.

So lately as I have been reading my Bible and having some very vivid dreams. I have been wondering where are all the prophets, the dream interpreters like in the days of David, Daniel, and the Disciples. Where are they now?? Did we group those with fortune tellers and false prophets? The Bible clearly talks against those but it also mention people who were on the Lord’s side that did interpret dreams and prophecy is a gift of the spirit.

So anyway, I get these dreams and they are very vivid and most of the time I don’t know what to do about them. However sometimes I get dreams where God has given me a clear directions for example leave or go somewhere.

Now when I have these “clear directions” normally I don’t know why but the desire is so strong it feels like it would be a sin not to listen. So I leave or I go even though I don’t know why. And when I do what I am told I usually find out why later and then it all makes sense.

Well tonight I followed one of those directions. Now as if I don’t already sound crazy enough…

If you know me personally I am a much  better writer than speaker.

In fact I would consider myself a high functioning person with asperger’s syndrome. (Yes, I am serious..although I have never been diagnosed) Now if you don’t know what that is I would describe my problem as I have difficulty in social situations aka I am socially awkward. One  I get to know people I tend to move past that but I  mainly over come that awkwardness by calling it out. (Like now giving you way  TMI 🙂 ) But it works for me.

So anyway, tonight when I followed one of those directions I went to an old church I grew up in. Now, I like this church and I wouldn’t have minded just visiting it but that is not why I was there this time. I was there because God told me to go but I didn’t really know why I was there. I just knew I was supposed to be there.

So as I am searching for “the” reason why I am there a million thoughts are running through my brain. Of course “I” am trying to figure this out…yes I like puzzles, so in some way this was like the ultimate puzzle…but really I should have been letting God show me, after all he sent me there…but I didn’t until…

Until we prayed, this church takes prayer requests and praise reports at the beginning of church (love it), I guess when I shifted my focus from puzzle solving to focusing on God that was when he decided to tell me why I was there… but there was one problem…I was there to give a testimony and well that time had passed. (Now I know I certainly could have said something and I am sure they would have allowed me to but remember it’s me …Mrs. Social Awakard…the not so good spreaker…yeah well I froze and didn’t speak up and before you knew it we were on our way home.

However, in the middle of the service a couple of people came up to me asked me how I was doing and why I decided to come and guess what I answered…I had a dream…yeah I know but my thought process was don’t lie tell the truth but I can imagine I sure sounded nutty. Only to find out later that my husband told me I could have said I felt lead to go there…(yeah, he’s my opposite Mr. Social) Oh if I would have only had those words maybe I wouldn’t feel so ridiculous right now.

So any way if I said that to you and your reading this sorry for being such a weirdo 🙂 I’m working on that…Also I was debating writing my testimony and asking someone to read it but I think that I should probably go back. So I will probably go Sunday night and I will share with the rest of you after then…

So sorry  about this friends but …..To be continued….And Be Blessed my friends



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