I had a dream….

Hello friends, sorry I haven’t been on here for a while you should know by now the same excuses… God, life, work, children, and much more time seems to be not on my side to post. So pardon me if this is very long and certainly very disorganized but I thought I would share a collaboration of thoughts.

So lately as I have been reading my Bible and having some very vivid dreams. I have been wondering where are all the prophets, the dream interpreters like in the days of David, Daniel, and the Disciples. Where are they now?? Did we group those with fortune tellers and false prophets? The Bible clearly talks against those but it also mention people who were on the Lord’s side that did interpret dreams and prophecy is a gift of the spirit.

So anyway, I get these dreams and they are very vivid and most of the time I don’t know what to do about them. However sometimes I get dreams where God has given me a clear directions for example leave or go somewhere.

Now when I have these “clear directions” normally I don’t know why but the desire is so strong it feels like it would be a sin not to listen. So I leave or I go even though I don’t know why. And when I do what I am told I usually find out why later and then it all makes sense.

Well tonight I followed one of those directions. Now as if I don’t already sound crazy enough… Continue reading