My Psalm to the Lord

Paul Lee

Ok, so I been doing a Bible study in which I read the Bible Chronologically. Right now I am at the point where I am reading about David and also into the Psalms. David was such a man with a pure heart, he truly loved the Lord and desired to do what God wanted him to do. Also, he was so honest about his ups and downs with the Lord in his psalms.

Anyway, as I have been reading Psalms I came across the scripture Psalms 47:7 NLT For God is the King over all the earth. Praise him with a Psalm!  and to be honest it is a mistranslation or at least not completely clear because Psalm can mean: a song, poem, praise. And here the literal translation is make a melody.

Nonetheless, after reading that I have had the desire to write a psalm to the Lord. And it was helpful to find the scripture in Ephesians 5:19 where it kind of commands us to do so saying, Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.

So today, I thought I would share my psalm to the Lord, that is a poem to my Lord, it is going to come straight from my heart to the Lord.

 Oh Lord, I long for the days of old,

When the people of Earth placed you king of the Land.

Today, we have place many false idols into our lives and land

Do we even realize it? Please forgive us…

Lord, war is raging from within us

A battle of right and wrong, of good and evil

We have desensitized our discernment,

We have allowed a gray area,

whose expanse is wider than the earth itself.

Open our eyes, revive our souls

Let us see Your ways and rejoice in walking in your paths of righteousness.

Take back Your kingdom and rule over us

We need Your guidance.

We need Your voice.

Let the lost see Your power, grace, justice, and mercy.

Do not forsake us like You did in the past to the Israelites as punishment for the evilness.

Hear our cries and rescue us like You did for the Israelites time and time again.

Thank You God for Your unfailing love.

I cannot even comprehend Your ways.

But that does not change their righteousness.

Lord You have blessed me beyond measure,

Who am I that You would love me?

A worthless sinner who has but found Your favor.

You have shown and given me Your grace and mercies

So that I would not have to meet the just punishment for my works.

Help me to stay true to You, oh Lord,

Let my eyes stay fixed on You.

Help me to be real to myself and others.

Let me not think of myself more than I ought.

Let me see myself through Your eyes.

Help me to others as You love,

Help me to spend my time here for Your will

Help me to keep your commands,

Let me not lose sight of Your will.

Oh how I long to be with You in Your presence

But I know my work is not finished for if it were I would be with You,

For You would not have me on this wicked Earth one moment longer than needed.

This place is not my home, but I will try to do my best till we meet again.

Oh Lord, how I love You

While life here is mere seconds to You,

Time passes quickly to me as well when I spend time with You.

For hours seem only like seconds in Your presence.

Please guide Your servant and never leave me, nor forsake me.


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