He knows the Plans, Just Trust Him

Hello friends sorry I haven’t written in a while I have been finding it hard to have time to get on here there is so much I want to share every day but time seems to fail me.

So lately, I was  really down about a certain something. Mainly one aspect of a circumstance…You ever feel like that sometimes? It’s like you thought God was leading you somewhere and then you go and there’s one aspect that sticks out and you cannot get past it. You think.. ‘God did You really want me here, surely You didn’t this part cannot be in Your will right?!?

So then we get ourselves so worked up, that we’re  like… ‘where are you God help, help ….911!!!! ‘ I know it sounds crazy and maybe I am the only one that tends to overreact like that , but that is what I did recently in my situation.

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