Look to the Sky

For those of you who know me well know that as I am getting older I am becoming increasingly more of a nature lover. One of my favorite places is on my porch. Aside from the beauty of rain on a tin roof, there is not much of a view…except I do get to look at the sky and some trees.

I don’t know what exactly fascinates me most about the sky, maybe it is the clouds from the puffy to the wispy, or the view of a silver lined cloud that is perfectly out lined by the sun’s rays. Or maybe the view of a clear night’s sky covered with stars of different sizes and brightness.

Maybe it is because it is definitely an original creation of God. Everyday it is different and beautiful and created by our maker, no man could have even thought up such beauty. Today, the clouds were moving in such brilliance. At one point it wasn’t noticeable that they were moving, unless you were completely still. Then tonight they were moving at such a fast pace it was hard to keep up with what you were viewing.

In a world were the widely accepted is machine fabricated.

I long for the originality of the hand-made, the one of a kind. Have you noticed the beauty of God creates everyday? Even taking a picture cannot completely capture the beauty of seeing it with your own eyes.

Maybe I am just a dreamer, but I recommend looking to the skies they are beautiful and breath-taking.

Psalm 8:3-9

When I look up at your skies,
   at what your fingers made—
   the moon and the stars
   that you set firmly in place— 
    what are human beings
         that you think about them;
      what are human beings
         that you pay attention to them?
You’ve made them only slightly
less than divine,
   crowning them with glory and grandeur.
You’ve let them rule
over your handiwork,
   putting everything under their feet— 
    all sheep and all cattle,
      the wild animals too, 
    the birds in the sky,
      the fish of the ocean,
      everything that travels
      the pathways of the sea.
LORD, our Lord, how majestic
is your name throughout the earth!


  1. I am so totally amazed by nature and enjoy seeing God’s handiwork. He is so creative and everything is so beautiful. One of my favorite spots was by a creek I know in Yosemite, sitting on the rocks listening to the creek and feeling the breeze as I stared at the moving water, swaying tall trees and the clouds rolling by. At night I would sit on the porch of our cabin and stair at the stars. I love examining the leaves, the flowers, the animals and even the bugs crawling by. God is so wonderful.

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