Child-like, not Child-ish

The other day two young men knocked on my door. With the intention of talking about the Lord with them, we had a conversation. Throughout our conversation,one of them brought up a good point …the Bible tells us to be child-like  not child-ish.

I thought hmm… you know how many times do we (myself included) act child-ish when it comes to everyday things and/or the things God wants us to do. I  should have caught on to this concept sooner, examples of this is seen in the Bible.  Look at Jonah.. stomping his feet.. I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna. Or Mary and Martha, why do I have to, she doesn’t. You tell her tell her to do it too. Same with the Disciples, and so on.

This concept child-like,  not child-ish,  can use in many aspects of our lives… prayer, trials, blessing,ect. But my point in this post is to point out this concept, in witnessing.

Those young men see a lot of child-ish, christians slamming doors and pointing fingers in judgement. As well as, other people who may knock on your door may seem the same. Now, I understand sales men/women and be kind of pushy. Not to mention, our lives are busy enough, time is precious, and I don’t wanna buy anything or (insert your excuse here).

But think about it… As Christians, we are called to be witnesses; to share Jesus with the world. With all the excuses that we tell ourselves, about why we don’t witness as often as we should, it’s Almost as if you’re getting an easy pass. God is sending them to your front door!!! All you have to do is talk. 🙂 I know easier said than done for some people. (myself included)

So if you have a difficult talking to people, especially those you don’t know. I ask you to think about this next time when some, anyone comes knocking on your door, instead of getting angry, if nothing else offer them a snack and something to drink so you can show a bit of Jesus’ love. You never know the impact you can have on someones life. Be blessed.

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