Jesus said to his disciples:  I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts away every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit. But he trims clean every branch that does produce fruit, so that it will produce even more fruit. You are already clean because of what I have said to you. John 15:1-3 CEV

The yesterday morning I had decided to prune/dead head, my giant flower baskets on my porch. As I was doing this, the song “Oh how he loves us” came to mind, coupled with the verses above. Being a gardener, God showed me these verses in a different way. I thought I would share.

With the heat being so hot lately, I hadn’t kept up with pruning because it can be so time-consuming. I made sure they had adequate water, fertilization, and sunlight. I figured it would be okay if I put off the pruning till I had plenty of time and it was a little cooler. However, I notice that they were beginning to die because the lack of adequate attention. So I decided yesterday morning I would wake up earlier, to beat the heat, and begin this time-consuming project.

Well just in case there is some one who is not gardener reading, I will share some common knowledge about pruning.

  • Every Gardner knows that any dead and/or dying branches must be cut off or pruned back or the whole plant will die. Additionally, this must be done to any diseased leaves.
  • A skilled Gardner can catch the branch when it starts to die and prune just a little.
  • Additionally, to encourage growth on a healthy plant a gardener knows, a plant must be pruned even when there is no dead branches. However, you shouldn’t prune more than 1/3 of the plant at one time or you could kill the plant only the strongest plants could survive more but it is very risky.
  • What’s more is a beginner may watch the plant after pruning and wonder if new growth will ever come.  To most people on the outside after a gardener has pruned a dead or healthy bush it looks worse than before but to a skilled gardener knows, it is going to be much more beautiful. 

Ok so that being said. it give a whole new prospective to trials and how/why God does His pruning… You see unlike myself God isn’t a lazy pruner. He’s a patient, loving pruner. With as much he prunes in my life, sometimes dead, some times healthy imagine a world full of people of pruning.

I can only imagine the patience he has to be patient with us. He probably sees more dead than any of us would care to.I know after pruning three large plants, with a good amount of dead branches, seeing all that dead was kinda..blahh.

Also being a gardener and knowing the bigger picture of my pruning, I understand how much he loves us. Even as he is pruning, even though we don’t think so sometimes as he is pruning our lives. No matter, if it is a dying branch or a healthy branch, it is all done with one idea in mind to produce more growth. God wants us to keep growing.

God is the most skilled gardener. Although at times it may feel like he is pruning more than we can handle. He knows. (Now I am not saying that all trials, problems, ect is because of God.. sometimes we are just reaping what we have sown.) I think a perfect example is Job. God may have let the devil prune him well beyond the typical amount. (like the plants 1/3) But God knew he was strong enough and he was. And look how much he grew.

So I urge you if you feel like God is pruning your life, healthy or dead, keep in mind what he has in mind..growth. Know that he does love you, he knows how to take care of us perfectly. Also take your eyes off those parts that God has pruned their not a part anymore, start growing.

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