I have noticed in my walk with Christ, that there seem to be two kinds of Christians (not always.. but go with it for a min.). (1) There are those that have faith beyond measure and (2) those that are willing to serve beyond measure.

Personally, I find myself on either end of this spectrum depending on the day. Some days, I can say, “God will move this mountain I know it”! Other days, I say, “I will move this mountain in Jesus’ name for the kingdom of God”!

Today, I was thinking about the verses James 2:14 & 17

What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him?(KJV)

                             Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.(KJV)

When I read this, I think of a pair of shoes. If you only wear one shoe, what good does it do you? One foot is protected while the other can step on a rock, get wet from mud and such. Similarly, like a pair of shoes, faith and works/serving/action are pointless without the other.

Previously, I have read this scripture and seen that it is saying you can have faith but you need to do some work also. For example, I can have faith that I will get a good grade in school but if I don’t do the homework what will that profit me? Also, if I have faith that God will provide take care of my finances but what will that do if I don’t work? Now, I am not saying God cannot do these things because he can if it is his will.

Today however, the word alone stuck out to me. It seems as though, faith and works are tied together, both of equal importance. Therefore, if look at this verse backwards: If we work our heart outs for the kingdom and don’t rely on faith in God to supply for us what will it profit us?

 Well from personal experience broke, burned-out, tired, and occasionally frustrated, if thing don’t go as planned. If we work 24/7 to pay your bills, get a career, build a church, but don’t ask God to supply these things… then we our basing these things on our work and we know where that can lead us….nowhere (Sometimes).

 Have you ever noticed that when you focus so hard on works, there seems to be more problems/road blocks. Then we feel the need to work harder, or get upset with people that don’t work as hard as we think they should for (…) ? Again, I am not saying, that we should stop working/serving for our needs and wants but leave room for God to show his power in supplying for us.

So today I ask these questions. Not for an answer but for personal thoughts to reflect …

  •  Do you ever feel like…. If I can just pray enough God will supply without any attempt to do something about  it?
  • Or do you ever feel like if I work hard enough I will be able to… and don’t leave any room for God to work wonders?
  • Do you ever get angry because people lack faith or works in your opinion?
  • Do you ever wonder why you prayed day and night about … and God didn’t answer, when you did nothing yourself?
  • Do you ever wonder why you worked so hard for… and turn up empty-handed?

I pray today, that we ask God if we are out of the balance with faith and works. I pray that he will show us what we need to balance our  life and how to attain it. Most of all, I pray that once we are able to achieve that balance that we can stay within that balance. It is sooo easy to overwork for the kingdom of God and leave God out of the process all together. Likewise, it is so easy to have faith in a God who can do anything but not attempt to help. He takes what we give (faith and work) and does more than we can imagine. God Bless.


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