The Quilt Story

I read this story the other day and it has given me a lot of understanding of why God allows crazy, bad, and unexpected thing happen. Knowing that some of you maybe feeling the same way I have had an overwhelming desire to share this post. I read this story on a friend of friends blog. She too has also lost someone, her little girl and her blog is in memory of her daughter.

The entire blog is on Below is an excerpt from her blog.

                      She said, “My dad once said that this life is like a quilt.””When a child sits on the floor watching their mother stitch a quilt, all they can see from their view on the ground is random strings, knots and various threads.

It looks messy and purposeless. But when the child sits on their mother’s lap and views the quilt from the mothers perspective, above it has a beautiful pattern. Every color, every stitch, every string has a place and is so pretty when woven together.”

What a thought… Then she continued.

“Just like us here on earth, all we see are the strings and knots, but in heaven when we see from God’s perspective, then we will see the pattern of His will and understand His purpose. Until then we have to trust the one weaving our lives and rest assured in the end, the Lord is making something more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.”

Wow. I am a person all about prespectives but I never thought of life like that.

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