Sunlight and SON-Light

Today I was sitting outside for a bit enjoying the sunlight. It seem that ever since the my father in law passed away a couple of weeks ago the sun has hidden behind the clouds. Which was indicative, of how I was feeling about his passing away, since he was like my spiritual mentor in someways.Anyways, as I was enjoying the beautiful sunlight I thought about some of the things I learned over the years.

Here are a few truths about sunlight (some my find these debatable):

  1.  Many people get depressed in winter because of the lack of sunlight. I’m not sure if that is attributed to a lack of Vitamin D or something else.
  2. Sunlight is a very important source of Vitamin D; an essential Vitamin that our bodies need.
  3. However, there is some stipulations to receiving this vitamin D through sunlight. At there is an article that talks about, the importance of sunlight, but ill sum it up for you. You have to get it from direct sunlight not thru a window, tanning bed, ect. The closer you are to the sun the more of the vitamin you receive. Also you need certain nutrients in your body to be able to digest the vitamin D. As well as some other things regulations.

furthermore, after thinking about sunlight’s importance,  I thought about SON-light (Jesus) . Here are some similarities…

  1. When things change in our life, it may seem like winter and people can get depressed. We tend to ignore, or put our relationship with “Jesus on a back burner” to our own selfish needs.
  2. SON-light (Jesus), is like an essential Vitamin to our spirit.
  3. Similar to sunlight, SON-light (Jesus) comes with a stipulation.

Most Christians know that a relationship with Jesus is an essential to our spiritual growth but we tend to overlook that there is more to being in a Christian than just accepting him as your Savior, especially if you need to get a renewing/refilling/refreshing (whatever you wanna call it) of the Spirit.

Similarly to sunlight, You need direct time with the SON whether it is reading your Bible and/or praying, meditating, or whatever you choose to do directly with the SON. If you try to get refreshed all the time by just attending church or listening to someone else then you may/or may not be lacking his essential vitamin for you soul.

Likewise, the closer you are to the SON the better chance you have of receiving him. (I look at this like if you have been away from the Lord for a while. You probably ignore Jesus or miss out on what he’s trying to tell you. As opposed to someone who is walking with him daily.)

Also like sunlight, we need to be able to digest this vitamin to actually receive the benefits.  How many times are we so busy that when Jesus talks to us we say thank you and just move on not really digesting the meaning of it.

Sometimes,I find myself not truly digesting what I have learned or read because I got to do this…got to that… oh goodness the kids just did … But that is just an excuse.

I learned all that from sitting on my porch and taking time to digest what the Lord was speaking to me.

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